wpid-wp-1410712650564.jpegHey TL, yet another cross-dressing sissy cockwhore graces our top loser page. SissyPippa Looks passable enough to get used by some straight guys that are looking for some head. If there are any takers out there please leave a comment under this post. I would be very careful if you are in her neighborhood drinking at a bar with low lighting. You may end up taking someone home like Sissy Pippa and find a nice surprise waiting for you in her panties. LMAO!!!! Just another little whore that came begging for a free post on our website. If you want to get posted up like this little slut and a $25 gift card to

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Hey TL, I dont know what the story is with these losers using fruits and vegetables to stick and their asses. It always seems to be some type of phallic resembling vegetable or fruit as if these losers can’t get any real Dick. I thoroughly wash all my phallic looking fruits and vegetables I get from the market because you never know if one of these creepers is handling your produce at the store. I think losers like this should just put an ad on craigslist and get some real Dick and leave our produce alone. I’m not sure if I will ever eat bananas again after seeing this picture. It’s definitely something to laugh at that for sure, get a life losers.

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bbcloverHey TL We have a real slutty whorebag called gsxBadBoy and I can tell you he is not bad at all, in fact hes a sissy queer who cant get enough black dick in his butt. LOL. You have to respect a tiny dick bitch like this for being real. These are REAL pics of his ass being pounded by black guys and their big cocks. This sissy queer didnt want anyone knowing how he likes to use his ass as a black cock cum catcher but I got a hold of these incriminating pics and now he is really fucked. Pun intended. Whats sad is he has to pay these black men to dump in his dumb ass. I have a feeling we will be seeing more of this queer and exposing him MUCH more!

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This came to us Via 2 Dommes that decided not to stand for what was going on from the 2 not so nice Dommes in the title of this post.  They had the courage to stand up to Dommes they thought were their friends but were not really doing the right thing to  other Dommes on OR the site. So you can thank Mistress Cyanide and Mistress Kelly, two very brave and awesome Dommes.


As much as we hate to make a post like this we feel the need to do it for 2 reasons.

1. The members of who these 2 Dommes tried to trash and get banned deserve to know why they were rated down and complained on.

2. One of these Mistresses felt the need to make a blog slandering , ALL because we wouldn’t ban members for her and upon her finding out we were making this blog in response is now claiming we are making threats on her life to deflect the fact she got caught. Its up to you if you want to believe that from a Domme that got caught doing these things.  We do NOT condone any threats!

This blog will show what is FACT from her and the other Dommes own FRIENDS on skype. a Few VERY VERY honest domme’s, who upon finding out what they were doing were so disgusted by it decided to make this known.

The intentions of these two Dommes was to hurt 95% of the Community. We gave them EVERY chance to just be honest and fess up and stop with the bs. The 95% is a quote from MsNaughtya that feels 95% of the Dommes on are NOT fit to be Dommes ( according to her ) so her and  Mistress Ana took it upon themselves to personally try and bring the Dommes of the site down in 2 ways.

1. Rating Dommes down to 1 star from their profiles they had on the site and then when they left, made a PAID slave profile
2. While  MistressAna was there constantly reporting Domme profiles for small infractions and wanting me to ban and NOT warn the Dommes first. She was on more Domme profiles then slave profiles. Finally started to get frustrated with all her complaints over the tiniest things and wanting us to ban.

Here we go,




Above Skype convo with Naugthtya admitting how she rated Dommes down on a fake profile.

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Hey TL,  this limp dick loser is the winner of most humiliating picture contest. As you can see he’s a little diaper boy with a big load in his pants hahahahaha. I would say this bitch needs a spanking but I don’t know anyone who would want to come near this lame ass with what he’s carrying in his diapers.

This doesn’t get any more humiliating for this loser seeking attention. Now he’s exposed to everyone as a top loser! Congratulations little dick wimp you’ve made the big time, here’s your 15 minutes of fame slut.
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whitnetHey TL, Poor Poor Sissy Whitney’s teeny tiny cock is running and hiding, reverting into a overgrown clitty. This poor sissy bitch needs to trim up to look more lady like to get some gentleman callers, LMAO! Maybe get some duct tape and hide nasty looking thing before someone chucks their lunch and we have a situation ha ha! If you look close on the pic with the corset you can see shes got some shiny bubble gum lip gloss on. Im sure that will look mighty nice on some guys cock! Hairy little sissy whore!

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backdoorchloeHey TL, Backdoor Chloe is bent over in her pink tutu getting hit in her back door however it doesnt seem like shes feeling this pindick queer that’s trying to bring the pain, lol.  One thing you should know about Chloe is shes a size queen and loves big cocks in her stinker. I wish we had a pic of her from the front so we can see her yawning. Oh well maybe she will send some pics riding a REAL dick because this loser isnt cutting it!

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mutantpigHey TL, We have a half boy half pig as our latest TopLoser and we must warn EVERYONE to hide ALL their snacks. This fat pencil dick bitch will eat you out of house and home so we are posting a warning to all of our viewers. You can spot him oinking around town with frozen hot dogs up his ass and slopping around where ever there are mud puddles. you have been warned!



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Hey TL, on a blog this scumbag piece of shit ugly ass freak was bragging how it was his ugly ass was in the other post we made here on Toplosers.  No thank you for the post. So I click his profile and take a look and this scumbag ugly fuckwad has been a member of since 2011 without upgrading. Youd think he could at least say thank you for posting up his broke ass here for FREE!. Enjoy the post now you loser as you we’ll be blocked from both sites and your posts will be removed, lol. Stop going through life thinking people should be getting you off for free you ugly fuck!

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grHey TL, girls_restroom is another one of the loser who thinks they are some type of hot stud. All this piss drinker is to any woman he meets is a public TOILET to be used by EVERYONE. He talks waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much for a toilet. When I cop a squat I dont wanna hear the toilet talking back and If I do you can best believe Ill have some nasty old trucker come and take a dump until it shuts the fuck up! I just have to laugh at these pictures because he looks so confident like his dick is big or something! CLASSIC!

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