This is Tracy, she’s recently made a huge mistake and purged her sissy wardrobe without permission. As punishment, she is being humiliated via by her Mistress: @Miss_Taphophile.

Tracy really needs fashion advice (especially regarding make-up and color coordination). Feel free to leave some suggestions for her so she can upgrade her now pathetic wardrobe and horrifically red lips. Maybe even some cock-sucking advice, as she seems to look utterly surprised with that blue eye-shadow. LOL

Curious about being a better sissy?

Hey TopLosers!!! This sissy came to Me begging to be EXPOSED for the filthy disgusting mess that he is! He loves to dress like a pink panty cum slut and spread his ass cheeks (for some BBC). He practically begged Me NOT to post his pics, but his twitter feed was FULL of his desperate (and pathetic) cries for attention. SissyTrouble forked over pictures WILLINGLY while he begged Me to post pics of him being a shameless toilet-licking swine! OINK OINK, SissyTrouble!!


Exposed faggot slave FagSlavePig live up to his name with this disgusting pic we have uncovered for exposure. Look at this sick pig slut licking his own shit off of his fingers. It was hard making this post but someone has to do it. This sick fag sits at home and munched on his own poop and washes it down with a nice warm glass of faggy piss. We have included his phone number if you want to give him a call and tell him what a nasty pig he is. Im pretty sure thats not Nutella, ha ha.

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Hey TL, Look at this sissy maid all dressed pretty and on her knees where she belongs. Goddess Fantasia wanted to make sure we exposed this little whore so everyone can see how sissy maid mark performs. If you need a maid slut that will scrub your floors and toilets and then take a big strap on in her tight pussy hole then this is your bitch. A good cleaning whore is hard to find and Im sure Goddess Fantasia would love to pimp her out, ha ha!!! Love to see a girl in a proper maid outfit doing her chores. Click to see more pics of this sissy girl!!!

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This whore Angie is back on toplosers giving us some nutritional advice. Protein does a body good and Angie gets alot of cum protein straight from the tap. This slut is certified organic NO GMO’s except for a few hormones, LMAO. This whorebag figured out her dick was small like a clit so accepted her true destiny as a true cum guzzling slut. Try your cum on toast sluts it may go dawn a bit easier for you squeamish whores.  Continue reading

wpid-wp-1410712650564.jpegHey TL, yet another cross-dressing sissy cockwhore graces our top loser page. SissyPippa Looks passable enough to get used by some straight guys that are looking for some head. If there are any takers out there please leave a comment under this post. I would be very careful if you are in her neighborhood drinking at a bar with low lighting. You may end up taking someone home like Sissy Pippa and find a nice surprise waiting for you in her panties. LMAO!!!! Just another little whore that came begging for a free post on our website. If you want to get posted up like this little slut and a $25 gift card to

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Hey TL, I dont know what the story is with these losers using fruits and vegetables to stick and their asses. It always seems to be some type of phallic resembling vegetable or fruit as if these losers can’t get any real Dick. I thoroughly wash all my phallic looking fruits and vegetables I get from the market because you never know if one of these creepers is handling your produce at the store. I think losers like this should just put an ad on craigslist and get some real Dick and leave our produce alone. I’m not sure if I will ever eat bananas again after seeing this picture. It’s definitely something to laugh at that for sure, get a life losers.

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bbcloverHey TL We have a real slutty whorebag called gsxBadBoy and I can tell you he is not bad at all, in fact hes a sissy queer who cant get enough black dick in his butt. LOL. You have to respect a tiny dick bitch like this for being real. These are REAL pics of his ass being pounded by black guys and their big cocks. This sissy queer didnt want anyone knowing how he likes to use his ass as a black cock cum catcher but I got a hold of these incriminating pics and now he is really fucked. Pun intended. Whats sad is he has to pay these black men to dump in his dumb ass. I have a feeling we will be seeing more of this queer and exposing him MUCH more!

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