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About Toplosers.com

First of all Toplosers.com is a Fantasy-Role Play website, meaning ALL the content provided is all consensual and part of the fetish, this includes but it not limited to, Blackmail, Pc control, Teamviewer, Exposed losers, hacking stories etc. Again these are ALL part of the fetish and must be consensual from all parties showcased on our website.

That being said, we are getting a lot of praise from people who love the site. If you’re a loser, this is a great place to see other losers being humiliated publicly. If you would like to be on Toplosers.com then add yahoo ID – toplosers or fill out the be exposed form and send some pics. We will do the rest. We can blur your face if you like. Tribute is appreciated!

Mistresses you can have your slave on our site as long as you have their consent. Your yahoo ID will be on the story and is great exposure for you. We appreciate if your slave can send us an amazon card to mistress@findoms.com and we also take donations to keep the site running.

If there is a picture of you or you are part of a story and want it taken down at any time, please use the contact us link on the top of the site to message us and we will be happy to remove any content you do not want to be a part of.

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Mistress of Toplosers.com