Dec 23, 2015
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Toplosers prepare to meet another desperate whorebag!

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This lil fatwad looks like a Wanda Butterworth but dreams of being a young glamorous slut worth fucking so she goes by lacey_sis instead. lacey_sis is a butterball of a sissy who craves the world seeing her for the chubbed out needy little dicksucking wanna-be that she is! Facing the world daily with a useless lil nub of a cocklet let her know early on that she had NO chance at ever learning how to conquer the world of pleasing women sexually. So if you can’t beat em, join em! Now lacey_sis offers up her disgusting sissy whore-holes to be used so that she can find SOME reason to seem interesting and useful. Give this lame dicked fatass a round of applause, she finally made her slutholes semi-entertaining!

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