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MEN…I'm in southwest VA and I'm looking for playmates! I love a man that will walk up to me, touch my ass, pat it, grab it or swat it in public. I promise I won’t scream but I’m likely to follow you home! I love being hugged by a man but I get terribly excited when we grab each others ass to grind our covered dicks against each other (and its even much more exciting without cloths!) I love kissing a man – in fact I love it more than kissing a woman – it’s terribly exciting especially if the man is a bit forceful! I love to suck cock – and I SWALLOW and will work to deep throat! …of course I love to be sucked too and you don’t have to swallow – you can spit it back in my mouth! I LOVE being FUCKED! Although I love a woman to peg me and I have toys for my ass nothing is better than feeling a mans dick stretching my anal entrance, pressing in to stretch my bowels, pumping deep to explode hot cum into me! …yes I can fuck you too! I LOVE to rim ass! Of course I do like it to be somewhat clean. Mine is always douched before meeting someone who’ll fuck me and I’ll clean you up later! (Yes that is ass to mouth!) …yes I do like to be rimmed too! I realized a long time ago that I love being sexually submissive to another man. Of course most of the things a Dominating or Master of a man wants I’d do anyway but it’s just so much more exciting knowing I’m not given a choice! Collar me and I’m not just your submissive while collared…I am your slave with one duty and that is to please you. Oh! I’m a bit of a masochist – feel free to explore! Just gay pleasures? I’m all for it with another man OR GROUP of men! I’d be the one that wants to suck each man off and be fucked by each of them – and yes I mean barebacked. I’m also the one that wants to be in a sling with my ankles and wrists bound making me helplessly used! Oh guys…I have before and I will again – take two dicks in my ass together! AND…I will dress as slutty Juliet if you want me to! Does dick size matter to me? Well yes and no… Of course I’d love a playmate (or more!) with dicks my size, or longer, or thicker, OR BOTH *BUT*…for some reason I have a very strong attraction to big (FAT) men and I don’t care how long or short their stiff is! AIDS? Well I AM negative – but given my hunger for dicks and cum I really don’t care since there’s many meds. Hey, I’m being truthful! A man – OR MEN: Can take photos and videos of me pleasing him/THEM and using them anyway/anyWHERE he/they wants! Live broadcast me pleasing you? YES PLEASE. Dick size? Well I do like men around my size...nearly 7" long BUT I really love any size that's thicker, or longer or BOTH! I do have an exception to that...BIG or hairy man get me HOT and the size of their dick is of no matter at all!


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