Expose yourself to the world

Fag Ian Ford

I was a closet Sissy that found myself EXPOSED online. It scared me shitless, but my cock got hard and I ended up having a massive wank looking at the pics. My head wanted them removed, but my heart loved looking at them. I loved the risk of them being live, wondering who else may have seen me naked, sucking cock, or dressed in nylons, so did nothing about them. Soon I was finding more and more of myself posted to different sites now with my full name, the excitement was insane! The idea of TOTAL FULL EXPOSURE really appealed. When hard I posted some Info pics on a well known sharing site. Less than a week later google had all my details on show, phone No, home address, email, everything was exposed. I was contacted by a Dom and asked to upload all my content to his cloud share site. He told me my account would be set to upload and view only. I could never remove if I uploaded, he would have total control of my images, and videos forever ! It took a month before I uploaded everything. I knew it was now only a matter of time before someone would recognise me, hiding was pointless so I declared myself Public Domain property. By posting myself here I know I will be fully exposed, spread and have even more photos searchable in google. **************************************************************** "I Ian Ford, give myself to the "Public Domain" as all faggot and sissy's should. All my pics and videos are copyright free, to be used by anyone. No part of my body or life is private, all should be made public. Everyone should be able to find me with an internet search and see me for what I am, naked and dressed as a sissy faggot. I have no pride, I have no shame, I'm a SISSY FAGGOT" ****************************************************************



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