Expose yourself to the world



I'm Robert Hendriksen, a shameless perverted degenerated extreme and totally voluntarily exposed webslut. I mostly expose myself with my real name, but as a sissy you might come across my sissy name "Sissy Slutwhore" In my spare time i am mostly naked and touching myself. I often take pictures of all the dirty stuff i do and post them online (also vids). As a true webslut i really get a sexual thrill knowing that total strangers all over the world are actively downloading and sharing all my pics and vids, posting them on lots of sites, destroying my reputation indefinitely. They might even print my pictures and share them in magazines, flyers, or just hand them out to people. What started as a bit of harmless exhibitionism, got out of hand, step by step untill it became totally irreversible. At that point is was totally addicted to exposure as well and edging to it every day. I embrace and accepted my new life. although that's quite irrelevant, since i have no other option than to embrace and accept it, because everything i've done and shared will forever be shared online anyway! One thing needs to be specified; although you have my permission to download, share, publish, print, upload, distribute all my pictures and videos without limits, there are obvious boundaries; only share them with other adults! And only in environments where they cannot be obtained or seen by minors. Every country has its own laws regarding to adulthood, nudity and pornography, so in some countries it means 18+, in others 21+ and there are some countries where you cannot share me at all. If you have doubts, do not share, or only share with 21+ (never share with 18- !!!) Happy sharing! Robert Hendriksen