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I am a mature sissy transvestite also known as suzie4sex who wants to be used and abused by men for their pleasure. I fully understand and accept the consequences of me being at the bottom of the sexual food chain. I like being exposed/humiliated publically and on websites and used in bdsm and especially being tied up and spanked and flogged. Open to being photographed or video'd and in public places or cars. I only meet locally. Oh and I just love big dogs and being verbally and physically abused and humiliated. Also happy to be filmed or photographed by amature or profesional photographers. You have my permission to use my images or face in any Photoshop or cartoon work. I have also worked the streets and dogging places of Newcastle and Sunderland as a prostitute but just to know for myself that I was attractive enough that men would be prepared to pay for sex with me and they did. So exciting and erotic

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