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Toplosers Info

Toplosers is an alternative lifestyle website where users can express their kinks with other likeminded individuals. Expose yourself, get exposed so the world can see what a freak you really are

We have several categories for you losers to Pin your Kinks. There may be different reason depending on the individual as to what you can get out of Pinning your kinks We address them below and how they can benefit you.

  • Cam Girls/Guys – Toplosers is great for promoting yourself by adding your website, webcam page, and contact info to your pins. the more you pin the more you will be seen.
  • Findoms and Cashmasters – Can promote by Adding links to your site, contact info, skype, wishlist’s, niteflirt pages etc. Pin your fetishes and you will be seen.
  • Humiliation slaves – If you are a submissive that enjoys being exposed then you can expose yourself for all here to see for free. Or even have a Domme or Master Expose you.
  • Small Penis slaves – Pin your tiny dicks for ALL to laugh at and rate.


Contact us for any other reasons by filling out the form below.

If you feel your images are being used on the site without your permission please see our DMCA take down page HERE



ANYONE caught uploading pics of minors will be BANNED immediately. We will then report the images, ALL user info and IP info to the authorities and ISP host of the country the user is from. 

We will NOT tolerate this disgusting behavior!