Expose yourself to the world



Hairy exhibitionist fag..mostly sub but sometimes Dom. Love being shown off naked and exposed around the internet. Heavily into nipple play as you can probably tell by both nickname and photos/videos. Feel free to spread my stuff around the internet. That’s what it’s there for! ALL my photos and videos are public domain, so do not hesitate to expose me. I’m not like some other nervous flakey guys and won’t ask you to remove them. So just have at me and have fun with me.



We have been meaning to do this for awhile. We will be removing ALL members who are exposing others from the site. It will be a long process but we need to do this. We will also be deleting ALL posts up until this year. 

We just dont have the hard drive space on our servers to host it all. *Note, we do NOT charge for image removal!