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Michael Gregory


Michael Gregory  A Classically trained Black Belt Karate practitioner  Swimmer, Trialthalete, Performance Artist recieving an education in English from the Alberta University of The Arts. Producing a wide range of photographic journeys into nudism, adult toy reviews, erotic photography and athletic editorials. A 40 yo chatty socialite driven Artist, Martial Artist, with a passion for the Japanese language a self confessed male aficionado who spent his high school and junior years focusing on sport, sex and men. A engorged prick of a sex addict that spent his education masturbating to muscles scent and his bros upwards of 55 times a day, turning 5 years of yoga training into ejaculating in his own mouth / autofellatio for his first orgasm. Hockey players, religious men, nerds, greasers, people beyond measure, socialites, nudist colonies and adult toys are the brands modes of interaction and pathways of expression have seen his work land articles, party appearances, live art shows and even a display at a City of Calgary Art Gallery. A controversial mormon male in a new century of sex, exhibitionism and always on the point of the world. 

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We have been meaning to do this for awhile. We will be removing ALL members who are exposing others from the site. It will be a long process but we need to do this. We will also be deleting ALL posts up until this year. 

We just dont have the hard drive space on our servers to host it all. *Note, we do NOT charge for image removal!