Telegram Exposure Group for all pics, vids, personal details of Robert Hendriksen!

Join this new group if you want to give me requests for pics/vids, tasks, dares and new exposure! All members can ask for my personal details at any time, and i’ll upload my newest exposures first to this group too. I will share my location (few days a week) live on a map, so you can follow me around when i run my errands in the area, or when i’m at home. I’ll schedule video meetings where i will be on display for the entire group. And last but not least; if you are a member of the group you are invited to fuck me in real life, if you accept this will be recorded and posted in the group as well (you can wear a mask, or record me pov style). Maybe you want to fuck me live in front of the other group members in a video meeting? join forces with others and transform me into a public slut, humiliated, used, exposed, and together you can make sure i will never return to my former life, i’ll just keep on getting perverted and degenerated more and more. Come check it out, group is brand new, be the first and give me requests and tasks & more!