Expose yourself to the world



Hello, I’m newer to Top Looser and am enjoying the site. I’m a sissygurl who loves wearing pretty panties and the safe darkness in the closet I’ve so long lived. So first step out as I can see light on one foot. Not talking about a foot fetish, lol. I’ve noticed so many pretty sissies on this site and the courage they haveit make me insecure to post my pictures. You hotties make me feel my age and like just another old sissygurl who waited to long to bloom. But I’m not a hater and am tired of being on the sidelines being a spectator. So this is why I’m here. I just love you sissy gurls already. I even love many of you nasty faggots on this site. Lol. So please show me some love. Hope to chat with many of you soon. Also pictures coming soon so get out those blindfolds 💋💋



We have been meaning to do this for awhile. We will be removing ALL members who are exposing others from the site. It will be a long process but we need to do this. We will also be deleting ALL posts up until this year. 

We just dont have the hard drive space on our servers to host it all. *Note, we do NOT charge for image removal!